Who Pays for Water Line Repair in Dallas?

who pays for a sewer line repair or replacement in dallas texas

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Are you having trouble getting water inside your Dallas home, or experiencing persistent low water pressure? Your water line might need to be repaired, or possibly replaced. 

On public water, your water line runs from the city’s street connection through your yard and connects to your home. It often needs to be dug up to identify the source of the problem. 

The first question Dallas residents ask when facing a water line repair is this: Who is responsible, and who pays for water line repair in Dallas?

Who Pays for Water Line Repair in Dallas?

The answer depends upon where the water line leak is located. If your water line repair is on the Dallas water utilities side of the property line, they will be responsible for paying for the water line repair. 

If the water leak and related broken pipe repair are located on your side of the Dallas property, the homeowner is responsible and pays for the water line repair. (This also holds true for Fort Worth.)

Again, any lateral water pipes or water lines under your property are your responsibility to repair and bear costs as the homeowner. This includes both water and sewer line responsibility.

But, here is the good news. Working with an experienced plumber can help you get help from the city where its required of them.

Why Should You Get Your Water Line Inspected in Dallas, TX?

An experienced Dallas plumber will be able to quickly identify and pinpoint where the issue in your water line is located. This is important because they can help determine if the city of Dallas should bear part or all of the repair costs.  

Correctly locating a plumbing leak or line repair in the yard is a difficult task from a DIY perspective. These lines are buried, and in some cases run directly beneath the driveway, sidewalk, and landscaping. Unless you can visibly see water pooling up around the trouble spot, you’ll need special equipment and a strong back to dig before locating the problem. 

State and local plumbing code define how deep to bury the water service lines. The frost line in your location dictates the depth, with the minimum depth for water lines being 24″ in Texas. However, they are often much deeper in other parts of the country due to climate. 

Cold Weather Issues Wreak Havoc

“Texas water service lines are typically 2.93 feet deep under the ground compared to the national average of 4.58 feet due to the warmer climate,” according to Homeserve. This has a negative impact on Dallas residents when the temperature drops. 

In 2021, the freezing Dallas winter shook every Texas homeowner and caused more than 1000+ plumbing lines to burst. 

But cold weather isn’t the only problem.

Hot Weather Issues Affect Water Lines

In summer, the heat and drought-like situations in Dallas, TX, can cause the ground to crack and shrink. These expanding and contracting soil events may cause leaks in water lines, and also speed the evaporation of small leaks making them difficult to recognize.

Climate events like these mean your supply lines may have come under stress in more than one place along their path, so expert inspection is recommended so future issues don’t return. 

Call RC Pros to schedule a water line inspection and to help determine who should pay for the main water line issue. You can also get a FREE “2nd opinion” on these types of repairs.

What Are Your Repair Options?

There are two approaches to fixing buried water supply lines. 

Digging or Spot repair: Plumbers in Dallas often use this traditional water line repair and replacement method to excavate the area around the damaged section and either replace or repair the broken pipe. The downside is that it is labor intensive, costly, and more disruptive to your yard, flowers, and sidewalks. 

Trenchless repair: This option is perfect for those who don’t want to damage their landscape. Various trenchless techniques are available, such as pipe lining or pipe bursting, which don’t require excavation to fix an water line leak.

It is crucial to work with a licensed and experienced plumber to determine the best repair option for your water line. We can help you choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your specific situation, and again, who is responsible to pay for it.

Get An Expert Opinion From a Dallas Pro

You want a trustworthy plumbing company to rely on to both recommend and complete your supply line issue. In Dallas-Fort Worth, RC Pros is a pioneer in the use of trenchless water line repair technology.

We are a specialized plumbing company providing 24/7 emergency repairs in DFW, with a focus on water, sewer, and drain repairs with our advanced trenchless technology.

It’s also possible the leak is occurring beneath your floor on the inside of the house. Our experience in precise leak detection ensures better plumbing repairs for your Dallas property, inside or out. It’s best to act quickly if you suspect water leaks to avoid water damage. 

Call us today for routine or emergency plumbing service.

FAQs: Water Line Responsibility in Dallas

Who Pays for the Cost of Dallas Water Line Repair?

It depends upon where the water line leak is located. The homeowners must pay for all the water pipe repairs on their side of the property line, and the city of Dallas has to bear the public works owned portion on their side.

Who Oversees The Dallas Water Utilities (DWU)?

The city of Dallas, Texas, oversees the Dallas Water Utilities (DWU), where Terry Lowery is the current director.

How Do I Protest a High Water Bill in Dallas from Water Leaks?

You can file a leak adjustment request with the city of Dallas if your water bill increased due to a water leak, or if you suspect a faulty water meter. It is at their discretion to offer assistance or a billing adjustment. You can reach out to their customer service for assistance.

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