Who is Responsible for Sewer Line Repair in Dallas?

who is responsible for fixing sewer repair in city of dallas

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Nothing is more stressful and expensive as a homeowner than the main systems of our home. We usually see dollar signs when we notice pools of water or raw sewage in our yards. Nobody wants to call a plumber if they don’t have to, especially if we have to dig up our property and landscaping. 

The residential drain lines in our home connect to the public network. We might ask ourselves, “Who is responsible for sewer line repair?” In most cities, the homeowner is responsible for all maintenance and repairs on any of the sewer lateral lines. 

Who is responsible for sewer line repair can vary in different counties. It’s best to get a professional opinion first. The experts at RC Pros will be able to track down the leak and locate the exact source of the problem. They can also give us a definite answer as to who is responsible for our sewer line repair. 

They understand that we have enough worries. RC Pros can answer all the questions concerning sewer line repair in Dallas, Texas, or the surrounding DFW metroplex area.

Before you spend a small fortune for a few guys to dig up our yard, calling RC Pros for a second opinion on sewer repair can save us money and even advise us on maintaining our drains. We can also do a video camera inspection of your sewer line to identify the location of the problem.

How Much Does Sewer Line Repair Cost? 

In some districts, the local water company is responsible for maintaining all lateral drains and sewers. To find out who is responsible for the sewer line repair that connects to the public network, the water company should provide a free inspection. 

Repairing and replacing any sort of plumbing line can be expensive. When we have a broken sewer main or drain pipe underground, it’s impossible not to worry about how much a sewer line repair costs. Calling a plumber to the house is typically not cheap. RC Pros are not your typical plumbers.

RC Pros has a special focus on repairing drain lines and are pioneers of trenchless repair technology such as CIPP. With trenchless sewer line repair, we can save the maximum amount of money and prevent as much damage as possible to our yard.

Is The Water Company Responsible For Sewer Line Repair in Dallas TX? 

The main sewer lines are all publicly owned. If the water company owns the lines, is the water company responsible for sewer line repair? 

While this city and sewer companies will maintain the sewer pipes outside our property, we are responsible for any work needed on the sewer lateral lines inside of it. This is also true when it comes to who pays for water supply lines in Dallas.

If you don’t pay a sewer bill and never received any charges from a sewer company, you most likely are not connected to the city sewer. If this is the case, you probably have a septic tank. 

If we are part of the sewer network, the sewer company will usually only cover any problems that start at the larger main underground sewer pipe. The city can even hold us responsible for the main sewer line and basic sewer repair under an easement or public right-of-way. 

The city has to make sure that the city’s sewer and waste can transport down the main line. When our neighbors are being affected, it’s a good chance that the city is now responsible for the sewer line repair. 

The last thing we want to pay for is any backup or damaged pipe to the city’s main line caused by our lateral sewer lines. It’s crucial to find out exactly what areas we are responsible for in the sewer system. 

It’s best to call our city before any problems arise to avoid paying for a plumbing problem that we don’t have to. Sewer repairs and sewer line replacement can cost a lot in labor alone.

If you live in Dallas, Texas, or the surrounding DFW area, RC Pros can thoroughly investigate your property to give you a second opinion. RC Pros can give money-saving options for repairing our drains if we are responsible for the sewer line repair. 

With the new trenchless repair technology, our problem can be fixed in a single day. Without killing our grass, ruining our landscaping, and making your yard an eyesore for a week. 

The best offense against sewer line problems is a good defense. To avoid costly main sewer line repairs, we should always keep our drains clear of debris.

How To Avoid Being Responsible For Sewer Line Repair 

There are a lot of DIY techniques that we can use for drain cleaning. Sometimes, the sewer line repair will require the help of a master plumber, especially if there is no cleanout. If roots get into our sewer lines, it can be a disaster. You should avoid caustic or industrial-type chemical drain cleaning products. These can damage sewer lines, and extend into the city’s section.

Rocks and the weight from traffic and even livestock can crush or break the main sewer line. Not to worry, RC Pros is prepared for all types of sewer line repair. 

When we see unwanted water in our yard, we need to be sure it’s not a broken water line. RC Pros can tell if we have damaged water or drain lines. If this is the case, they even provide trenchless water line repair to help save us money. 

To find out if the problem is in the sewer, we can check to see if our house drains are running slow. If so, we should do our best to clear the lines. In severe cases, Hydro jetting might be our best option. 

RC Pros knows the benefit of hydro jetting and has been using it to clear sewer lines for years. Hydro jetting consists of shooting a small stream of water through the pipe. This water acts like a jet, breaking through grease, grime, and even cutting through solids. 

Tree roots penetrating your pipes are tough to get rid of, but are no match for the power of hydro jetting. Clean drain lines are the only way to keep our sewer lines from blocking. And because we are responsible for sewer line repairs up until the city’s main line, it’s a good idea to have RC Pros clean and maintain our sewer system regularly. 

Who Do I call For Sewer Line repair In Dallas? 

The most common way to know if we need a sewer line repair is from raw sewage puddling up in our yard. We should investigate all our upper and lower lateral sewer lines at this point. 

If we need help from an experienced plumber, RC Pros is here to help us find the source of the block. For all your plumbing and HVAC needs in the DFW Metroplex, near Dallas, Texas, RC Pros is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

Together, we can figure out the problem and how to fix it. Most importantly, how to stop it from ever happening again. 

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