Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Dallas Texas

camera sewer line inspection dallas tx

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A sewer camera inspection in Dallas, Texas can save you a fortune in labor, materials, and landscaping costs by identifying both the nature and location of your drain problem. 

Nobody wants to pay for expensive guesswork, especially on sewer repairs.

Since disputes often arise over who is responsible for sewer line repairs in Dallas, it’s best to pinpoint the problem with the accuracy of a camera line inspection before any digging or fixing begins. 

Our professional sewer line camera technicians in Dallas can now identify the exact problem area with the innovation and technology of our advanced drain camera system.

Digging up the main sewer line used to be the only solution to a blocked main sewer pipe.  

This technology, combined with other equipment, can fix a clogged drain faster and in many cases, without digging up your yard.

How Does a Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Dallas, Texas Work?

A sewer video inspection in starts with an experienced Dallas plumber inserting the camera into the clean-out or other opening in your main sewer line. This can be challenging if no cleanout exists, as you’ll need to access near the closest drain or fixture.

The technician feeds a small fiber optic cable down the sewer pipe and maneuvers it with a controller attached to small motors inside the camera. 

The fiber-optic cables are protected by a long metal tube. The other end of this tube connects to a handheld controller with a closed-circuit display. 

The inside of the sewer pipe illuminates by using LED lights on the end of the camera allowing the technician to pick up even the tiniest cracks.

The technician will give you a complete readout of any debris and damage to your pipes once the camera has made its way to the street and back. 

When to Call for a Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Dallas, Texas

A camera sewer inspection in Dallas, Texas is typically easy to perform for any experienced technician. In most cases, it should be the first step to any sewer blockage or drain problem on your property, inside or outside. 

If the plumber can’t find a clean-out or opening to insert the camera, they can cut one into the PVC pipe and patch it up after your sewage emergencies are taken care of. 

A clogged sewer line from everyday use by yourself and your family isn’t always the cause of a sewer backup. Tree roots and broken PVC pipes can sometimes be the culprit. 

You can make a strategic plan to take care of the problem using the camera to see exactly what you’re dealing with and where it is

The professionals at RC Pros can handle all your plumbing issues and sewer inspections with the least stress on you

From hydro jetting to trenchless sewer repair, a video camera inspection will let us know exactly what is required to fix your specific problem. 

Is a Camera Sewer line inspection in Dallas, Texas Worth it?

A sewer line camera inspection in Dallas is like an x-ray machine for your yard. The only way to repair a serious block in the main sewer line used to be by digging up the pipe in search of the problem. This can be expensive. That was before the sewer camera existed. 

This process could get very messy and expensive for the homeowner. The trial and error required for this could get downright depressing as the cost continuously grows by the minute. If a sewer technician dug up an area but didn’t find the problem, they would have to keep digging until they did. Not the best plan for your grass, either!

It’s easy to see why the camera inspection has become the first step in almost every clogged sewer line issue in Dallas, Texas. Our technicians can find the exact measurement of the blockage down the line when a camera is used. 

One of the most significant benefits of a sewer camera inspection in Dallas, Texas is that multiple problems can be found and fixed at a single inspection. 

The sewer camera can detect all damage to the pipe itself, tree root intrusion into lines, or other excess debris while traveling down the line.

Who to Call for Camera Sewer Line Inspection Services in Dallas, Texas 

RC Pros in Dallas can provide the best sewer camera inspection services in Dallas, but also all across the DFW Metroplex. We can let you know if trenchless sewer repair is the best option for you if you have a sewage leak outside your responsibility. We can guide you if we think the city is responsible. 

Our camera inspection will let you know if a complete repiping is necessary to fix the problem, or if hydrojetting or a hot jet service is only needed.  Call today for all of your plumbing needs in Dallas, Texas.

The professionals at RC Pros are always here to save you money wherever possible but we won’t take shortcuts. We are committed to the Dallas, Texas community and always stand behind our work. This is why homeowners and home inspectors call us for a drain inspection and trust our opinion when it comes to diagnosing a sewer problem.

Call RC Pros today and schedule an appointment for your video camera inspections for sewers in Dallas, Texas. 

FAQs on Sewer Line Video Inspection

How Does a Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Dallas, Texas Work?

A sewer camera consists of fiber optic lines protected by a thin metal tube. The technician can move the camera through the pipes using a handheld display and small motors attached to the camera.

Is a Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Dallas, Texas Worth it?

A camera sewer line inspection saves homeowners from digging up their yards and concrete pads. Technicians can pinpoint the exact spot in the pipe where the blockage is occurring by using a sewer line camera.

Who Should I Call for a Camera Sewer Line Inspection in Dallas, Texas? 

RC Pros are reliable Dallas, Texas plumbers you can trust to do a complete camera sewer line inspection. They have all the latest technology that allows them to cause the least stress to you and damage to your property.

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